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Firmware Update 1.1.4 Bricks My iPhone, I Go Three Whole Hours Without It

February 27, 2008


Ugh. So I went to install the new iPhone firmware, version 1.1.4, yesterday (you know, the one with the extremely low new-feature-to-file-size ratio). Started the update during a break in one of my classes and when it was done… so was my iPhone.

Yep, I got stuck with the “iPhone could not be updated” error followed by a 1611 error. The iPhone was stuck in an endless reboot cycle. I researched the problem, but just decided to take it in to one of the local Apple Stores (which had no available “appointments” online). Luckily, I got to see a Genius pretty quickly and he got a whole different set of errors. Long story short, he eventually got it to update and restore, so now I have 1.1.4 and my iPhone back as it was.

So, not a big deal I guess (some of the 1,000,000,000+ iPhones out there are going to have errors, right?). Just an annoying and strange feeling not having my phone working for three hours or so. I even felt the need to email my father and my fiancĂ©e and tell them every step I would be taking between school and the Apple Store in case someone “needed” to reach me. That’s the world we live in now, I suppose.