RockBand/E-Drum Guide Update: More Detailed Info for PS3 Users

Just a quick note to let any potential RockBand modders using the PS3 know that forum member gclabbe has posted a great resource about soldering on the PS3 drum kit board in this post.

I’ve added one of his awesomely clear photos of the PS3 board all soldered up to the How-To Guide but gclabbe’s post has a very good walk-through specifically geared toward PS3 users, so definitely check that out.

Big thanks to gclabbe and all the forum members that have contributed to the How-To Thread, which now has over 1000 posts!


2 Responses to “RockBand/E-Drum Guide Update: More Detailed Info for PS3 Users”

  1. Delobius Says:

    This is pretty off-topic, but do you happen to know what the box dimensions are for the DTXPLORER? I’m planning on getting that set (and using it with Rock Band!), but I need to figure out where to store it…=o I figured I could break it down and store it in the original box when I wasn’t using it (so the wife doesn’t have a fit…LOL).

    Thanks for the commentary about using the DTXPLORER with Rock Band, by the way – your descriptions of using it in-game really sealed the deal for me. (I’m planning on taking up actual drumming as well, but in the meantime, I can continue my “fake” drumming.)

  2. theflash0000 Says:


    Sorry man, wish I could help, but I never had the original box. I bought mine off the floor at Guitar Center. I can tell you that the box they put everything in for me to take home was about the size of a mini fridge. That was with no padding or foam. To be honest, I can’t remember whether they got the bass pedal and bass drum trigger in there too.

    In any case, one of the nice things about the DTXplorer frame (I think) is that if you have it set up against a wall, you can basically fold all of the rubber 8-inch pads and the extension arms inward and get it pretty flat against the wall.

    Believe me, I know where you’re coming from. The compact-ness of the DTXplorer is what got my fiancee to finally agree to this whole project!

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