Eliminating Cross-Talk on the DTXplorer (for use with Rock Band)

Well, after almost a week of playing Rock Band with my DTXplorer, I am very satisfied with the result of the mod. However, I ran into one problem that had to be addressed before I could fully take advantage of playing with the DTXplorer: cross-talk.

Cross-talk occurs when a pad picks up vibration when another pad is struck. On the DTXplorer, you may or may not notice this problem, depending on how your rack is set up. If you do experience cross-talk, it will present problem if you plan on using the DTXplorer to play Rock Band.

The problem manifested itself when I would hit certain pads (for me, the hi-tom, hi-hat, and floor tom) with medium-high force. Other pads would be triggered, resulting in an extra note being played and a score multiplier spoiled. The following is a brief guide describing a simple way to eliminate cross-talk for good.

The solution I used for eliminating cross-talk was to reduce the gain on all the pads to 0. They are all still sensitive enough to play the game with light taps. I also saved the trigger settings to the “User Trig 5” setting, so that I could easily switch between “Rock Band Mode” and the normal trigger settings for playing the DTXplorer normally.

1. Enter Trigger Setup Mode.

Press shift-trigger.jpg


2. Advance to Gain Setting.

Press button.jpg until you see this screen:


3. Select Pad to Edit and Reduce Gain.

Tap the pad you want to edit. The name of the pad will appear where is says “1snare” in this picture above.

Make sure the Gain setting is flashing. Use the jog dial to reduce Gain to “0”.

4. Reduce the Gain on Other Pads and Save.

Select each pad by tapping on it, reduce the gain then press save-ent.jpg. You’ll see:


Press save-ent.jpg again to save.

Now, when you’re playing Rock Band, press shift-trigger.jpg and use the jog dial to select “5: User Trig”. When you’re playing normally, just go back and select another trigger setting.

Obviously, results may vary, but for me, this eliminated cross-talk completely. Consult the DTXplorer Owners Manual for more information. Good luck!


2 Responses to “Eliminating Cross-Talk on the DTXplorer (for use with Rock Band)”

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